David Crompton-Guard
Manager Business Resilience, V/Line

David Crompton-Guard currently presides over the business resilience portfolio of V/Line Corporation delivering regional rail services in the form of both mass passenger transit and freight. He is responsible for the organisation’s counter terrorism planning arrangements, as well as associated training programs.

Previously, David served over 23 years with the Greater Manchester Police in the UK and was directly involved in several counter terrorism initiatives, including a number of Home Office based projects; necessitating the development of national policy, as well as implementation solutions. David has extensive exposure to both strategic and operational planning in the CT context, in addition to possessing academic credentials; being a graduate in Terrorism Studies from St Andrews University.

David spent 8 years with the Victorian Government where he was responsible for managing a comprehensive portfolio of disciplines, embracing both security and emergency management.

V/Line Security & Resilience: Security Challenges in a Modern Railway

The presentation sets out the security challenges for modern railway operators in Australia, with a particular focus on counter terrorism strategy. Input outlines the position taken by V/Line Corporation in developing plans, processes and procedures that align to national priorities, including the Australian Strategy for the Protection of Crowded Places from Terrorism. Innovative approaches to staff training, in validating and actualising developed measures, are also included, together with observations on the Federal Government’s Critical Infrastructure Consultation Paper and the potential opportunities within it. The presentation’s conclusion provides an insight into some of the security challenges presented in a Stage 4 Covid-19 environment.