Dr David Schmidtchen
Partner, Synergy Group Australia

David Schmidtchen is a Partner at Synergy Group and a registered psychologist with 30 years of experience specialising in culture and behavioural change. David is a widely acknowledged expert in organisational leadership, culture and change.

He brings direct and practical experience in delivering large and complex change in Defence and the APS, including working closely with the senior executive to deliver government driven workforce and workplace reform. He has written three books on strategic human resource management, culture and leadership. David brings a wealth of people and organisational development experience from both public and private sectors.

David offers unique and innovative ways to approach people and behavioural challenges. His academic perspective provides him and the team with a strategic and structured outlook that is always driven by success. David is passionate to share his knowledge with his team in order to grow capability as well as utilise each member’s skills. His hardworking mindset ensures that he effectively delivers as well as continuously supporting his team alongside him.

Why is security culture so hard to influence?

People are both an asset and liability in security. Our security culture often views people with deep suspicion. People are seen as malicious, complacent, and/or ignorant. This shapes our organisational actions and creates a culture and behaviours that are often counter-productive. How we position position people in ensuring security is important and often overlooked. Is it possible to have a positive security culture?