Dr David Rubens
Executive Director, The Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Dr. David Rubens DSyRM, CSyP, FSyI is a leading authority on the strategic management of complex operations in crisis environments. He gained his MSc in Security & Risk Management from Leicester University in 2006, and was subsequently a Visiting Lecturer and Dissertation Supervisor on their Terrorism, Security and Policing MSc programme (2006-12), and a Visiting Lecturer on the Strategic Leadership Programme at the UK Defence Academy (2010-11).

David gained his Professional Doctorate in Security and Risk Management from University of Portsmouth in 2016, writing his thesis on non-hierarchical command and control frameworks for hyper-complex crisis environments. David has worked with academic institutions including John Jay University (New York) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa), and has recently worked with the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) on developing a multi-stage programme that can support regional implementation of the Sendai Framework. David has also consulted on major national capability development programmes in West and East Africa, Middle East and SE Asia.

Covid-19 Crisis Management: Learning From The Past, Preparing For The Future

Covid-19 has undoubtedly been a wake-up call in terms of crisis management and the ability – or lack of ability – to develop appropriate frameworks at the global, national and local level that can support decision-making, service delivery and the range of response and support services that are critical to any crisis management response.

This presentation will look at the Covid-19 response from a conceptual perspective, identifying lessons learned (many of which should have been already learned from previous events), and offering suggestions as to how organisations, whatever their specific scope, scale or areas of activity, can incorporate best practices in order to be best prepared for future challenging events that will undoubtedly be facing in coming years.