Grant Wege
Managing Director, Sec-U-Linked Group

Grant Wege spent 23 years in the Israeli National Police, from a combat soldier in a special anti-terrorist unit, through being Deputy Head of HLS Combat Shooting Training Unit at the INP Police Academy, through to being Head of Security Training division and Public Sector Unit – providing professional security guidance to Government Offices and Public Enterprises.

He is a strong advocate on security protocols, with a proven security record, from physical security, security technologies, and security training that reflect core professional, out-of-the-box thinking beliefs. He was currently elected as the Deputy Security Director of the Israeli Election Committee and has already seen through 2 election campaigns in Israel, one under the Covid-19 epidemic.

Today he runs his own Security Consulting Company and is involved in a J.V project of developing and implementing security doctrine in a number of African countries as well as providing Security Consulting for a Major Private Oil Company in Europe.

Election Security Planning – under Covid19

Elections are basically an Event and with that incorporates Event Management protocols. Conducting Elections under an epidemic adds a total new dimension to Event Management with unfrequented challenges and protocols.