Joe Saunders
Research Project Lead - Occupational Violence and Aggression, Australian Security Research Centre

Joe is a dedicated risk management professional with a passion for the study of aggression and violence management. A successful sporting career in the martial arts led Joe into the private security industry where he quickly learned about the challenges in dealing with real aggression, operating within critical legal, ethical and political frameworks. Joe would go on to specialise in aggression management within the healthcare and social service environment.

Joe is a gifted and dynamic presenter, educator and training designer with a knack for communicating a sometimes-difficult subject to professionals and laypersons alike. He is an associate of ARPI, ASIS International and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers.

Occupational Violence, Aggression and Duty of Care in Australia 2020

Summary of key findings from the Australian Security Research Centre (ASRC)’s recent research into Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA). This project was the largest ever multi-sector study into occupational violence conducted in Australia. The findings were revealing on multiple topics including perceptions of violence and aggression, the true impact of OVA, and best practise for managing and mitigating the risk.