Paul Woodhams
HSE Manager - WA / Security Operations Manager, Thales Group

Paul spent his younger years moving around Australia every couple of years as his father was in the Navy.

Paul joined the Navy himself from Cairns in 1982 where he spent 22 years in Submarines as an Acoustic Analyst. He spent 14 years on the Oberon class submarines, running out of Neutral Bay in Sydney Harbour. He moved to WA in 2000 to take up the position of Chief of the Boat on HMAS WALLER. He was promoted to Warrant Officer and moved to the Submarine School at HMAS Stirling as Manager of Sailors Training in 2001.

He joined Thales in 2004 as the SCYLLA Operational Capability Manager, being responsible for the operational capability of the Thales sonars onboard the Collins class submarines. A highlight of that role was designing, documenting and delivering the Replacement Combat System training for operators, maintainers and trainers on the SCYLLA Sonar Interface, the Thales components of the Sonar onboard the Collins Class.

In 2007 he accepted a role as the Facilities, Security and HSE Manager for Thales in WA. He has since dropped the Facilities responsibilities to take up more in the Security space picking up SA and World Trade Centre in VIC, including the OneSKY project.

His current role is Security Operations Manager and HSE Manager for WA. Paul lives in Perth WA with his wife and two of his four children. In his spare time Paul runs a Chilli products company and enjoys competition darts and BBQ smoking.

Integrating HSE and Security for effective outputs at an operational level

In todays world of ‘do more with less’ many of us find ourselves juggling multiple roles across different disciplines. Many people struggle with this concept finding themselves effectively a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

This presentation will explore the benefits and shortcomings of performing multiple roles and offer ways to minimise the shortcomings and exploit the benefits to maximise efficiencies.

I will also look at the specific relationships between HSE and Security and how we can benefit from integrating elements of HSE for effective outputs in Security at an operational level.