Totti-Mikael Karpela
Director, Peace of Mind Threat Management Ltd.

Mr Karpela, a graduate of the Finland’s Police University College, has a 20-year career in the National Police of Finland where he worked as a unit supervisor and subject matter expert. During his career, Inspector Karpela was part of a team that specialized in managing threats that were directed towards law enforcement and judicial officials. For the majority of his career Mr. Karpela also worked at the National Police University, teaching management of aggressive behavior and conflict resolution skills.

Mr. Karpela holds a CTM-accreditation, a US-based professional accreditation for security professionals related to the assessment and management of violent behavior and also the European equivalent, CETAP. He holds numerous professional certifications related to violence risk assessment.

Mr. Karpela is a graduate of U.S. Secret Service Threat Management Program; Gavin De Becker threat management academy and other professional training programs with the FBI Behavior Analysis Unit and LAPD Threat Management Unit.

Other relevant NGO responsibilities: Subject matter expert for European Council and O.S.C.E. in crime prevention projects. Past President for the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP) and a senior research fellow at the Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals – Centre for Security Studies.

Mr. Karpela has also authored three books on police operations with organized crime and targeted violence and co-authored a book on management and leadership related to prevention of problematic behavior in the workplace as well as a chapter on the use of social psychology in counter terrorism operations.

Prevention – not paranoia. Protecting public figures and symbolic locations from violent attacks.

The presentation will cover recent studies and findings related to the prevention of attacks of public figures, symbolic locations, and active assailant prevention. How the prevention has changed from profiling to looking at indicators of warning behavior. Warning behaviors are acute and dynamic correlates of risk. The presentation will look at the latest findings regarding pathway, fixation, identification, novel aggression, energy burst, leakage, directly communicated threat, and last resort behavior. We will also look if mental illness is a predictor for possible approach behavior or actual attack. The presentation will also emphasize the advantages of multi-disciplinary case management. The presentation will compare the findings of many recent, well-known cases and what could be learned from the incidents. The main focus is on law enforcement and security professional’s role in the prevention and management of such incidents.