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Connie McIntosh

Head of Security, Ericsson


Connie McIntosh, the Head of Security for Ericsson Market Area MOAI, brings a wealth of knowledge and achievements in the realms of Security. With a remarkable track record in bolstering security measures and protecting critical infrastructure throughout her career she now looks after Physical Security, Operational Security, Cyber Security, Information Security, Product Security, and Privacy for global giant Ericsson. Her extensive experience spans both the public and private sectors, including working with Australian Government’s Computer Emergency Response team, Australian Government’s Secure Classified Networks and leading security assurance for Ericsson’s global products.

Throughout her career, she has consistently driven significant improvements in security across various sectors. In her previous role as the Head of Security Assurance for Ericsson, she led a world-class team of experts based in Finland, spearheading critical security initiatives for Ericsson’s global product portfolio. By developing and executing rigorous security assurance activities, ensuring that Ericsson products met the highest standards of security and privacy, further bolstering the company’s reputation as a trusted industry leader. With a solid educational foundation, Connie holds a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and recently completed a cybersecurity program at Harvard University, expanding her knowledge and staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.

Beyond her professional roles, she has been recognized as a prominent voice in the security community and has been invited to speak at prestigious conferences and events worldwide, delivering impactful keynote presentations at renowned venues such as the Disobey Conference in Helsinki, 5GCMM in Hannover, The Cyber Security Leadership Summit in Berlin, and a speaker at the AISA Cyber Conference in Melbourne, sharing her expertise on 5G Security, Cybersecurity and leadership. She also features in books such as Hacking Gender Barriers, Book Shining the Spotlight – Stories for business success and Europe’s Top Cyber Women. Named top 100 women in Cybersecurity by US Cyber Defense Magazine.

Connie is an International speaker, presenter, CTF judge and mentor in cybersecurity.

1-2 NOVEMBER 2023

Protective Security in Government Conference