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Dr Lorraine Sheridan

Chartered Forensic Psychologist and International Expert on Threat Assessment

It is imperative that personnel continue to meet the eligibility and suitability requirements that were established at their point of engagement. Checks of financial records, digital footprints, and other existing material can be relatively straightforward. This presentation will focus on facets of on ongoing suitability that can be more difficult to assess, namely troubling behaviours. An overview of warning signs will be provided, along with an introduction to different subtypes of troubling behaviours. The need for early intervention and a transparent information sharing system will be highlighted. The presentation will also consider professional “vibes” versus the use of actuarial tools and structured professional judgement. Finally, barriers to reporting and how to overcome these obstacles will be discussed.
This workshop takes a deeper dive into the issues introduced in the presentation that will be given on Day 1, Ongoing Assessment of Personnel: Troubling Behaviours. The workshop will examine different types of behaviours of concern and offer evidence-based strategies on how to respond to them. A tool will be provided to attendees to aid decision making in cases of troubling behaviour. Some cases of troubling behaviour will require support to a greater degree than suspicion. How can we identify these? How do we support and manage distressed personnel? When should external experts be called in? This workshop will provide answers to these questions and equip attendees with a more enhanced understanding of the psychology of concerning behaviours and how to tailor investigations and responses. Cultural considerations will also be addressed.


Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Forensic Psychologist who had a previous career as a Human Resources professional. Lorraine is a recognised as a global expert in forensic psychology, and has published five books and more than 80 papers in refereed scientific journals. Lorraine regularly provides three types of services for public and private organisations, namely (i) risk and threat assessment and associated case management advice, (ii) policy and information advice and creation, and (iii) training. Lorraine’s approach is firmly grounded in the scientific evidence base. Lorraine also acts as an expert witness for the Justice System, and her reports are most often focussed on mental health issues, violence risk assessment, sexual offending, risk assessment in families, substance abuse, stalking, and family violence. Lorraine is a former President of the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. She regularly consults to law enforcement, security personnel and public figures, both internationally and within Australia. This consultancy focuses on stalking, harassment, violence, risk assessment, threat assessment, malicious communications, and similar topics.

20-21 October 2022

Protective Security in Government Conference