Ian McCartney APM



Deputy Commissioner National Security, Australian Federal Police


Deputy Commissioner Ian McCartney is a career police officer who has been a member of the Australian Federal Police since 1991. He was promoted to Deputy Commissioner in 2019, responsible for AFP Investigation. Following the organizational restructure in early 2023 Ian was appointed as Deputy Commissioner of the National Security Commands, including Counter Terrorism, Specialist Protection and Security.

Ian has diverse experience in national and international economic, organised crime and counter terrorism investigations and has participated in a number of taskforces involving Federal and State law enforcement agencies. Ian also spent four years offshore as part of the AFP International Liaison Network, as the AFP Senior Liaison Officer in China. Other roles include Coordinator of the AFP narcotic strike teams in Melbourne and Manager of the AFP Adelaide Office.

In August 2014, Ian was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner and performed the role of National Manager Organised Crime and Cyber. In January 2017, Ian transferred to the role of National Manager Counter Terrorism. The AFP’s Counter Terrorism function works with partner agencies to prevent, disrupt and investigate terrorist activity against Australia and Australian interests, both domestically and internationally.

In 2014, Ian was awarded with the Australian Police Medal (APM) in recognition of his distinguished service, particularly in the areas of law enforcement liaison in Asia, and for his role in national investigations.

1-2 NOVEMBER 2023

Protective Security in Government Conference