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Rachell Deluca

Former CSO, Parliament of Victoria / Director, Protective Security Advisory


Rachell DeLuca is a highly respected expert in the protective security industry, with an impressive career spanning over 25 years. She was Chief Security Officer for the Victorian Parliament from 2021-2022 and worked to implement the PSPF and uplift security and risk management practices during her tenure there.

As the founder of Protective Security Advisory, she has utilised her leadership position in the field, providing her clients with strategic and holistic approaches to security risk management. Rachell’s extensive experience allows her to identify root causes to problems and develop solutions that provide measurable reduction to risk exposure. She has a broad range of expertise that includes security risk, threat and vulnerability assessment, technical system design, strategy and policy development, CPTED analysis, and strategic security consulting.

With a commitment to delivering holistic, risk-based solutions for her clients, Rachell has successfully delivered projects across the globe. Her dedication to excellence has been recognised by the industry, as she was awarded the 2017 OSPA for Most Outstanding Security Consultant in Australia. Rachell is also actively involved in fostering ongoing development of the security and risk industry within Australia, working closely with numerous industry associations.

1-2 NOVEMBER 2023

Protective Security in Government Conference