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thank you for joining us at PSG 2022

As a big thank you to everyone who came, we’ve compiled this unique virtual gift bag for you. With resources from the conference, to reference handouts and useful links, you’ll find everything you need to remember PSG 2022.

As we take a breather to reflect on what we learnt from PSG 2022, our thoughts are also looking to the future. As we start to prepare for PSG 2023, we’d love to hear your feedback and comments on your experience this year. If you have five minutes to spare, we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out our feedback survey below.

PSG Conference 2022 Feedback Survey

Day 1 PSG Conference 2022 – Download


  • Session 5: ISO Standards, Dr Carl Gibson, Jason Brown, Matthew Curtis, Dr Gav Schneider
  • Session 7: PSPF Update – What You Need to Know, Luke Muffett
  • Session 9: Ongoing Assessment of Personnel – Troubling Behaviours, Dr Lorraine Sheridan


Day 2 PSG Conference 2022 – Download


  • Session 11: Security Planning for VUCA Events, MAJGEN Andrew Hocking
  • Session 13: Digital and Tech Ops – Managing Organisational Risks, Ross Phillipson
  • Masterclass Part I: Ongoing Assessment of Personnel – Recognising and Responding to Behaviours of Concern, Dr Lorraine Sheridan
  • Masterclass Part II: Building High Performance in Security and Risk Leadership, Dr Gav Schneider

Conference Handbook

QuAIC Handout – Dr Lorraine Sheridan

QuAIC Result Example – Dr Lorraine Sheridan

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